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In The Spotlight
Rites of Passage as a Framework for Community Intervention with Youth

By David Blumenkrantz, PhD, and Marc Goldstein, PhD, in Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice

Discover the 20 core components of a rites of passage process that could reshape the way we approach community and youth development.

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The Center for the Advancement of Youth, Family & Community Services, Inc.
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WHAT YOU WILL FIND ON THIS WEBSITE. This website presents key information about The Center's successful Rite of Passage Experience© (ROPE®) initiative, which we partner with communities to co-create as an experience that can positively impact young people as they come of age as adults as well as strengthen the fabric of the entire community. We do not offer or promote rites of passage programs for individual parents or children. Read More »

Our Mission
Rite of Passage Experience©
The Center’s mission is to promote positive youth development and to assist children in the transition through adolescence to becoming healthy adults connected to their communities. We accomplish this by creating effective school and community-based strategies in partnership with parents, teachers, counselors, and community leaders. Read More »

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The Architectural structure for youth & community development through rites of passage was utilized as a way to bring a community together and engage them in new ways to prevent substance abuse and other youth problems by promoting more positive and socially sanctioned rites of passage. Read More »

New & Noteworthy
What You Can’t See Can Hurt You
May 2015

Ignaz Semmelweis should have been an everyday name like Pasteur or Edison. Yet, he was vilified and died before his insights and innovations were widely praised and used today in common practice.

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Education: Our Greatest Wasted Resource - Part II
February 2015

What would we be doing if Education were our Greatest Resource? Part 2 of the February Paradigm Shift blog explores a readjustment in the education pipeline to prison through rites of passage in educational design.

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Education: Our Greatest Wasted Resource - Part I
February 2015

Find out how America became the most incarcerating nation on earth by “living the sins of our fathers” and what we can do about it.

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Youth Development Through Incarceration! What’s the Story with That?©©
January 2015

I just can’t help but think that this video – Mass Incarceration in America is the best data that documents the real outcome of our youth development and education programs...

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